Invite a fairy into your home in 11 simple steps!

Inviting a fairy to live with you is a must.  Not only does it spark imagination, it also encourages role play, develops social skills, teaches the importance of being kind, good behaviour and creating a love for nature. Go on read on, you know you want to… So how do you go about doing this?

Name your fairy

Before you invite a fairy into your home make sure you choose a lovely magical sparkly name for her.  Once you fairy is settled you might like to leave her little notes and if you children have been particularly good or particularly bad, your fairy might leave them a note so an identity is key.  Check out the handy Fairy Wishes Fairy Name Finder for tips.

Create a fairy door or fairy garden

To engage your children with the idea of having a fairy in their home they need to be there from the very beginning.  Choose a day just before bedtime to tell them about the magic of fairies.  Whether you choose to buy or make a fairy door or garden they are all super pretty so ask your children where in the house or garden they think the fairy would like to live and place the door or garden in its new home.  Leave the key outside the door or garden gate along with a little note welcoming your fairy,  fairies often choose new homes at night time so we must shut our eyes tight and hopefully in the morning we might find the key is gone.

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Once your children are fast asleep, remove and hide they key (very important) as in the morning your children will find their new fairy friend has used the key and moved into their new home.

Sprinkle Fairy Dust

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Over the next few days sprinkle a little fairy dust, or glitter to us big fairies, around the house or garden for your children to find.  To keep their imaginations vibrant try sprinkling the magic where the fairies may have helped around the home in some way as fairies are good and like to help keep our homes spick and span.

Know your plants

If there is one thing fairies love its nature.  It might be long ferns to play in, buttercups to bathe in, upside down flowers to use as umbrellas or even toadstools to sit on.  Make sure your garden or  flower pot garden is full to bursting with flowers, smells and colour.  Fairies traditionally love willow, holly and elm trees so if you have these in your garden even better.

Be kind to bugs

It is said that some fairies are mischievous and some are loving and kind but all fairies love spaces filled with life, they also love to have little bug friends to play with.  Help your children learn and look after even the smallest of bugs in your garden by making brilliant bird feeders, handy hideyholes or even a bug hotel.  Bug hotels come in all shapes and sizes so pull on your welly’s and go on a hunt and see what you can find that will make a nice cosy home for a bug or six and get your children to help.  This is the perfect weekend or school holiday activity that your house fairy will love to see the children get involved in.

Hang wind chimes and bells

There is nothing more magical than tinkle of bells or distant sound of wind chimes to let your children know their fairy is out and about so hang them up and listen out for them as your fairy gos about her daily good deeds… ask your children what they think their fairy might be doing, they will amaze you with the things they come up with!

Twirl and dance in your fairy tutu

We have all heard the saying ‘Each time you say you don’t believe a fairy dies’ Make sure your fairy knows you believe in magic.  There is nothing better than a little twirling, dancing, skipping and prancing in your fairy tutu, wings and wand to make your fairy look out her window and giggle and feel loved.  Mums, remember tutus are not just for children so make sure you wear yours too from time to time!

Always have your magic wand to hand

No matter if you are doing the dishes, telling off your brother, tidying your room or trying to stop dad from snoring you should always have your magic wand in hand.  One swish of your wand is all it takes for a little extra magic to help the situation and if you can throw in some magic words too you can’t go wrong.

Leave out little notes and gifts

Make your fairy feel at home by leaving her little notes and gifts from time to time.  Tell her what you have been up to and make her laugh, tell her if you’ve been naughty and how you are going to make it better, wish her a good day don’t forget to leave out little gifts.  Fairies love treats so think about  making her a sandwich topped with hundreds and thousands topped (YUM), a mini tea cup and saucer filled with honey or something sparkly, fairies love anything sparkly.  You fairy should always write back to say thank you  (evening project mums and dads, no getting sleepy and forgetting as fairies have great manners and always say thank you he he)

Hand showing fairy letters

Believe in magic

Whatever you decide to do with your fairy friend always chat to your children about what she might be doing, when something happens ‘maybe their fairies did it’ and sneakily listen in at the door when your children are telling their friends about their fairy as it will melt your heart hearing their imaginations run wild.  If you show your children you believe in magic and help make the magic happen it will be hard for them not to get swept up in it too.  I may be a little bias but I find it super hard not to believe when I am wearing my tutu!!

So if i can give you one more tip it will be this…

Always have your memory jar to hand

Find a jar, tie a ribbon or piece of lace around the top and create your memory jar.  Next to it make sure you always have a pen and some paper notes to write on.  Make a note of the date your invited your fairy into your home, what did your children say, the looks on their faces when the woke in the morning to find the key gone and a fairy in their home.  The things they tell their friends, the times they make you laugh with their magic wands and tutus as believe you me you will want to remember everything about this magical journey.  Keep your jar safe and pull out an entry to make you smile every time you feel blue.

The memories you create by simply inviting a fairy into your home will last a time lifetime and always have a special place in your heart… just as your fairy will!!