When I was 5 I wanted to be a clown… I cast my mind back to my first ever clown party.  Back in the day when birthday parties where held in your living room, Mum and dad would simply push all the furniture against the wall and willingly invite your whole class to trash the house.  We would all dress up in our homemade slightly deformed clown onesies with big multicoloured pom poms strategically placed on our fronts.  The next 3 hours would be spent running around like crazy and chucking perfectly good fruit in the air pretending we could juggle!

When I was 15 I was in the Sea Cadets  I would spend hours polishing my boots, sewing on my badges and would stand tall on the parade deck for as long as I was told too without complaint!  Many a day was spent on the water learning to kayak, row, windsurf and sail gaining endless qualifications  but all I really secretly wanted was to be a pirate… a swashbuckling, sword swooshing, eyepatch wearing pirate who was able to add Arrr to every sentence and get away with it!

When I was 25 I went over to the dark side as member of the London Dungeon Team…  I spent days, weeks, months and years almost underground running around in the dark, damp, rat infested tunnels whilst we entertained guests with grisly stories of the throat slitting Sweeney Todd, slashing tales of Jack the Ripper and calling ‘Bring out your dead’ as the willing visitors passed through The Great Plague.  To make sure we were firmly on the wrong side of cute and fluffy we even attended scare school, being egged on to frighten the beegezers out of eachother for fun, so to say I was all a little blood and guts was an understatement!

Now I am 35 and suddenly something magical made its way into my life!  Something shiney, full of promise, hope and dreams, something more girlie than any love I have ever had in my eventful 35 years… I found glitter!!  Glittery clothes, glittery shoes, glittery accessories, glittery glittery stuff everywhere, but wait what’s this… Fairy Lights! Oh my goodness I am in heaven!  As a singleton living alone without any kind of man to stop me plus the magical powers of Amazon Prime next day delivery… BOOM everything in my life not only glitters, it now sparkles!!  I am a 35 year old sparkly fairy here only to create magic!


Imagine my delight when one of my brothers has a daughter... she was 3 when I moved from being Aunty Lay to my new name… Aunty Yay… how did this happen?… I made her, a Tutu!!

Poppy wearing a Tutu by Fairy Wishes Tutus

I am willing to bet there is a not a single lovely lady on the planet who cannot say that at one time in their life they longed to be a Disney Princess!  Stunning even in rags, Cinderella, singing to woodland creatures, Snow White, riding around on a magic carpet, Jasmine and captured by a beast the beautiful Belle!

The magic of these stories will live on until the end of time brought to life daily by children dressing up as their favourite characters and while’ing the day away dancing, giggling, twirling and singing but what is the one thing that brings all these fairytales together… Magic!


I look back on my life, at 5 a clown, at 15 a pirate, at 25 a dungeon diva (blip) and at 35 a fairy, there is a common theme here… no matter the subject, imagination, creativity and magic has always been in my life and I can safely say I wouldn’t want it any other way.  If I may be so bold as to quote the one and only Walt Disney who famously said “Laughter is timeless, Imagination has no age and Dreams are forever!  It seems I have always lived this way in one way or another and with glitter, sparkles and tutus a firm part of my life now I am certainly not going to stop.

Adult dancing in a tutu by Fairy Wishes Tutus

So what it is about a tutu that makes it so special?
Is it the sticky out fabric that makes you feel like a ballerina?
Is it the swishing and swooshing of the skirt as you twirl around?
Is it the feeling of wanting to dance and prance and pirouette?
Or maybe seeing yourself in the mirror looking like a princess that makes it all the more magical

But we don’t have to rely on children telling us how it feels, as a tutu wearing adult,
Is it that I suddenly feel connected to SJP in Sex and the City
Or am longing to be on stage singing in my swan dress like Bjork
Perhaps I secretly want to emulate those famous shots of Marilyn Monroe

Or maybe it’s the sticky out fabric that makes me feel like a ballerina
Maybe its the swishing and swooshing of the skirt that makes me want to twirl around
It could be the feeling I get when i want to dance and prance and pirouette
And the impossibly fabulous feeling when i look in the mirror and realise i look like a princess


Why oh why would we ever want to deny anyone of these feelings.  Growing up is hard, kids can be mean, school is tiring but being an adult is equally hard.  Adults can be much meaner, work is tiring, having children brings a whole new meaning to the word tired so if we can have this one little thing that eases the stresses of everyday life, if we can bring a little extra magic and sparkle into our lives I say do it!  Wear your tutu to a party, wear it in your muddy boots, wear it whilst you wash the dishes, prance around with your magic wand and I am sure you will not only bring magic to your own life but also magic to those around you!

So in answer to my original question, Yes your tutu does have magical powers… the power to make you happy.
So I say young or old, big or small… wear your tutu where you want, whenever you want, with whomever you want!  Smile, feel happy and spread the magic because “Laughter is timeless, Imagination has no age and Dreams are forever!

Tutu Fairy in a tutu by Fairy Wishes Tutus

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