Photo Frames, albums, scrapbooks, social media, family tree murals, cd’s, memory sticks, an old shoe box.. we all keep our memories safe one way or another but before we can put them in pride of place or stash them away for a rainy day we have to make them!

If you have little girls you will know the look of shear joy on their faces when they wear a pouffe dress and spin around.  The determination on their faces when they insist they absolutely must wear it to the supermarket and the struggle to get it off them and into their pajamas.

There are so many ways these days we can capture those moments but to capture them in the most amazing way we need people with a certain sets of skills, people who dedicate their lives to making us look and feel happy and remember these moments forever!


 “Who are these people?” I hear you cry

They are photographers, make up artists, designers, dress makers, videographers, set designers, mural and backdrop artists, florists… in short, The Creatives!

How can you get involved? Simple… decide on the memories you would like to create and book these people to make it happen and capture those special moments as they happen to cherish forever.

Creating Memories!

I would like to share with you an experience just like this I had the pleasure to be involved in recently.

Memory Seekers:  Caitlin and Mum Abigail

Location: Burrswood Hospital – Kent

The Theme – Beauty and the Beast

The Memory Makers:


I was asked to be involved in a memory making project of which I jumped at the chance, imagine my delight when I found out the theme was Beauty and the Beast and I had been asked to make not only the blue dress with apron Belle wears at the beginning of the movie but also the totally amazing show-stopping Yellow dress at the end… wowzers!  Better get my thinking cap on!


On Location:

On the day we met at the most beautiful location in Kent where the staff were amazing and looked after us with a room for hair and make up styling, changing and for a little rest after walking around their amazing grounds.


Throughout the day we had so much fun, Emily was amazing at directing to get the best shots…

Debs was on hand every time the wind blew Caitlin’s hair out of place (that was a lot)…

I was on hand to fit the dresses to her, i even got the trusty glue gun out at one point and to primp and prune, pouffe and de-pouffe…

Mum Abigale was on hand all day with the behind the scenes camera and keeping us all in check… kind of he he

Together we had such a great day and such a of of fun!.



Emily got some amazing shots that Abigail and Caitlin will cherish forever.  She is currently working on the final edits as we speak but here is a little snaky peak with more coming soon… prepare to be blown away!!

If you are in the Kent, Surrey and Sussex areas I can’t recommend this team highly enough and please do get in contact with them (and me), if these areas are further away from you there are lots of super talented people out there who will jump at the chance to work with you!

So what are you waiting for…

  • Choose your theme
  • Find your creatives
  • Have a super fun day to remember
  • And cherish your memories for a lifetime!

Super sparkly and unimaginably twirl’able Belle dresses available to purchase!

 ‘Laughter is timeless, Imagination has no age and Dreams are forever!’

Walt Disney