Capturing Memories is a ‘breese’


  • Mummy, Daddy, daughter, son,
    Best aunty ever, uncle showing his bum,
    Brother, sister, cousins once removed,
    Half sister, step brother all tattoo’d,
    Lovely Granny, silly old Granddad,
    And the family you never knew you had,
    Your dad’s mate who’s no relation but has always been uncle frank…
    Everyone in your family deserves a place in your memory bank!


The Memory Seekers:

Let me introduce you to this weeks Memory Seekers, The Breese Family.

Meet Mum, Dad, Faith and Megan from the Midlands.


The Memory Makers:


The Breese’s started their memory journey at 9am and managed to crawl their way along the M25 to a little town called Paddock Wood where waiting for them was their team of memory makers!  The boys had been banished to the garden and we were armed with tea in hand and chatting about designing mermaid tails with Sleeping Beauty playing on DVD in the background… why?  This was the theme of the days shoot of course!

First things first… Fit the dress!

Next up… get beautified!


We are ready to rock and roll!

On Location:

This weeks location is Bedgebury Pinetum in Kent.


Once on location Emily places Faith into her first position and BAM Faith is a natural!  Every few seconds changing her poses and making Emily’s job super easy.  Emily is bubbling over with excitement after the first couple of shots but we managed to calm her down and carry on as there are so many beautiful places to shoot here.


Faith age 9 is signed to a child modelling agency so it is no wonder that she is a natural and such a pleasure to be around.  Megan age 4 has also done some modelling jobs and is happily strolling along helping us find flowers, bugs, pheasants, the gruffalo and most importantly… big sticks (who doesn’t love a big stick eh)


Mum and Dad are super at helping carry all the equipment and together we all had a brilliant day.  We wandered the woodland, climbed on logs, balanced on rocks in the water, stepped on ants nests (whoops) spotted the gruffalo, and did a lot of chatting!  As we got to know the lovely Breese’s, Emily taught us about light and shadow, me about dress making and Laura (mum) filling Emily and I in about the crazy world of child modelling and letting us know how we can get involved (we are excited!!)

Thank you Breese Family, we had a blast!



The family shoot!

Following the shoot with Faith and a quick change, it was time for Megan to also get in on the action with a few family shots.   After the first picture Megan strides forward leaving poor faith behind and takes centre stage with a pose only worthy of Kate Moss!!  We all collapse around giggling and let Megan have a few shots on her own with faith behind the camera lovingly imitating poses for Megan to follow, then the pair are back together posing and giggling and showing sisterly love at it’s best!


Ending on a high!  The day ended with ice creams all around, new friends made and memories that The Breese Family can keep forever!

The final shots!!

Emily is once again working on editing all the shots and has given us a little sneak preview where she has transformed this:

Into this:

Keep your eyes peeled for the final album posted as soon as it is ready!

How can you get involved?

If you are in the Surrey, Sussex, Kent or Essex area and want to hire our fab team to create memories for your family and friends we are available for day and evening shoots, family portraits and themed shoots!!

We are certainly a creative bunch so go on, challenge us… we dare you!